A blast is anticipated to take place TODAY, FRIDAY, June 23, at 6:30 a.m. along U.S. Route 2/7 (U.S. 2/7) near the Interstate 89 (I-89) northbound offramp. Please note, anticipated blast times are estimated and subject to change based on site conditions. 

Audible signals will be used to notify the public of an upcoming blasting event which includes three whistles to indicate a five-minute warning, two whistles to indicate a one-minute warning, and one whistle to indicate the all-clear. The all-clear will be followed by the blasting event.

For more information on blasting activities, click here.


This work will require the closure of the outermost southbound lane on U.S. 2/7.

Traffic will be temporarily impacted on U.S. 2/7 and the Interstate 89 (I-89) Exit 16 on and off-ramps will be temporarily closed.

U.S. Route 2/7

Four minutes prior to each blasting event, Uniformed Traffic Officers (UTOs) and barricades will be placed at either end of the blasting zone on U.S. 2/7 and the I-89 offramps to prevent vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists from entering the blasting zone. The blasting zone is anticipated to be between South Park Drive and Mountain View Drive, however, this area will be refined based on the specific blasting location. Flaggers will be present at adjacent businesses and sideroads to prevent pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles from entering the area. Once the area is secured, the blasting event will take place. After each blasting event, a blasting specialist will clear the area before allowing users to reenter the blasting zone. The I-89 interstate offramps will be cleared before U.S. 2/7 traffic is released. Wait times are not anticipated to exceed 10 minutes.

Interstate 89

Four minutes prior to each blasting event, UTOs and SDI construction vehicles will initiate a rolling roadblock between Exit 14 and 17 along I-89 northbound and southbound. Rolling roadblocks slow traffic down to create a gap in traffic to allow the blasting event to take place safely. A pilot vehicle will follow the last vehicle impacted by the rolling roadblock to inform the team once the area in the blasting zone is secured. The rolling roadblock will continue until the hard stop location is reached. To learn more about rolling roadblocks, watch this video created by the Kansas Turnpike.

All users should expect delays and plan ahead.