Newsletter Winter 2023-2024

Get the 411 on driving conditions this winter by using 511 (New England Compass) 

Vermont has joined Maine and New Hampshire to share traffic data from across the region with the general public. Visit to view traffic speeds, driving conditions, roadwork, and other incidents throughout New England by toggling on and off the various features along the right-hand side of the website. Plan your trip and view travel time, potential roadwork, closures, incidents, and driving conditions along a specific route by adding your starting point and destination in the top-left corner. You can even view real-time conditions along your route using the camera feature.

Join New England Compass and set up your frequently traveled routes, such as your commute to work, your children’s school, or the grocery store! You can also opt-in to receive traffic alerts for major incidents along your most travel routes and regular updates on travel conditions. Stay informed and stay safe!

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